Princess Sarah Nile Cruise, 05 Days / 04 Nights

Princess Sarah Nile Cruise, 05 Days / 04 Nights

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  • 05 Days / 04 Nights (5 Star Deluxe)
  • Departure 09:00 AM
  • Luxor


The M/S Princess Sarah is considered one of the largest and most luxurious vessels on the River Nile between Luxor and Aswan, provides the most luxury services & facilities offered on a floating Hotel in Egypt, Both the crew and the management team are attentive to assuring a comfortable and enjoyable cruise on the River

Departure & Return Location

Our representative will Pick up you from the place you specify in Luxor includes Luxor Airport, Luxor Railway Station, Bus station or any hotel Inside the city of Luxor. 

In Aswan our representative will Transfer you to the place you specify in Aswan includes Aswan Airport, Aswan Railway Station, Bus Station or any hotel inside Aswan City.

Departure Time

09:00 AM


Free bottle of Small Mineral Water During the Sightseeing Tours.


  • Accommodation onboard M/S Princess Sarah Nile Cruise for 05 Days / 04 Nights  
  • All Meals (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner) 
  • Sunset Tea Time During Sailing 
  • All Sightseeing of attractions mentioned on tour Itinerary 
  • Private Tour Guide Speaks your Language 
  • Private A/C vehicle for all Transfers inside Luxor & Aswan 
  • Entrance fee For all Sightseeing & Activities mentioned on tour itinerary  

Extra Free

We can help you to book your transfer to Luxor and from Aswan by
Domestic Flight Tickets
Sleeping Train Ticket
Bus Tickets

What To Expet?

Beauty, Charm, And Adventure.

You will discover the beauty of nature through looking from your window or on Cruise Sun Deck which mix landscapes, Nile River, Fields and Egyptian Monuments mixed together.

Also you will discover the charm of the Egyptian Civilization in tombs, temples and Monuments in Both Luxor and Aswan.

you will feel The Adventure of being an discoverer for the Egyptian History

  • Our representative will pick you up from your previously specified location to Visit Karnak temple where you will discover a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings, The key difference between Karnak and most of the other temples and sites in Egypt is the length of time over which it was developed and used. Construction of temples started in the Middle Kingdom and continued into Ptolemaic times. Approximately thirty pharaohs contributed to the buildings, enabling it to reach a size, complexity, and diversity not seen elsewhere.
  • After Visiting the Karnak temple you will be transferred to Cruise Ship to had a little bit rest and Having Lunch
  • On Afternoon our Guide will pick up you to have a short felucca Sailing, Felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat Its consists of one  lateen sails.
  • After enjoying the felucca sailing, you will transfer to Luxor temple which was constructed  approximately 1400 BCE dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship; it may have been where many of the pharaohs of Egypt were crowned in reality or conceptually.
  • On the End of the Day, You will visit Luxor Old Souk where you will have a free Tea with Mint, Hibiscus and Shisha on it and then transfer back to Cruise Ship by Horse Carriage.
  • After Back to Cruise, You will Have your dinner and then a party of Belly Dance Show.

The west bank of Luxor contains one of the largest collection of archaeological treasures in the world, this is where you will find the famous valley of kings, the mortuary temples of ancient Egyptians pharaohs and an astounding number of tombs.

your day will start with visiting the Colossi of Memnon, Those two twin statues of King Amenhotep III gaze east towards the Nile River to greet the visitors as they arrives to the West Bank of Luxor, From the Parking Lot you can hop out and take photos or walk down to the statues for a closer view.

After that you will transfer to The Great valley of Kings, the royal burial ground for pharaohs during the New Kingdom (18th ~ 20th Century B.C)  your tickets allow to visit 03 of the Tombs (Excluding Tut Ankh Amon Tomb, Seti First Tomb, Ramses V & VI tombs).

after visiting the Valley of Kings you will Transfer to the Mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut which was one of the powerful female rulers Throughout history, for about 20 Years she reigned Egypt during this period she brought great wealth to Egypt which allowed her to have numerous building and her most famous is her mortuary temple which located in West Bank Cliffs which characterized by it's different appearance  than many other temples in Egypt but that what also makes it's so memorable.

After Visiting the most remarkable archaeological sites of Luxor West bank we will back to the cruise ship to have Lunch and start Sailing to Edfu

During the Sailing you will enjoy the Afternoon tea time onboard the Sun Deck and enjoy the landscapes of Egyptian fields

The Day will End by Passing the Esna Lock and Having Dinner

After Breakfast, Your Guide will accompany you to Edfu temple using the Horse Carriage between the cruise dock and the temple
Edfu's temple is one of the Ptolemy Dynasty's most impressive feats of construction and due to its youth - built in the 2nd Century BC - it's also one of Egypt's best preserved temples. Here, the looming sandstone walls are covered in giant hieroglyphics and dazzling friezes that ape the patriotic decorations of earlier pharaohs. Within its vast chambers, strolling under colossal gateways and wandering ant-like through its hallways that seem to be have been created for giants, you really get a feel for the all-encompassing power of Egypt's rulers.

After Visiting the Edfu temple and back to cruise, The Cruise will start Sailing to Kom Ombo and During the longest sailing time you can enjoy the Sun, Pool and Relaxation onboard the sundeck and Having lunch during Sailing.

Before arriving Kom Ombo temple you will enjoy the Afternoon tea onboard the Sundeck.

On Sunset time you will Visit Kom Ombo temple by walking from the cruise ship to it's entrance. (Less Than 05 Minutes)

With it's approach from the river, the soaring columns of the Great Temple of Kom Ombo rising dramatically above the Nile's bank are one of Egypt's iconic views, this temple dedicated to the gods Sobek and Haroeris is a reminder of this area's importance in Ancient Egypt due to its prime position along the Nile. Stroll through the temple's colonnades, gazing up at scenes of pharaonic propaganda, and you'll capture the ambience of this glorious history for yourself

After Visiting the Kom Ombo temple and during the Dinner Time the Cruise sailing to Aswan 

Aswan is a serene Nile Valley destination where the Nile is more majestic than anywhere else, flowing through granite rocks, and round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. It is considered as an all-time favorite winter destination.

Your Day will Start with visiting the Egypt's ancient center for the cult of Isis, the Temples of Philae were venerated from the Pharaonic era through the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods with each ruler making their own additions to the stones here. This sacred site has dazzled travelers since the first Nile cruises set off from Cairo and is one of Nubia's most important monument sites.
Saved from a watery grave by UNESCO's rescue project during the building of the Aswan High Dam, the temples were transferred block by block from their original place on Philae Island to Agilika Island.

After Visiting Philae temple you will transfer to Visit The unfinished obelisk, it is  Lying as a sleeping giant in a bed of granite, the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, Egypt is an incredible look at the building methods of these monolithic monuments. It would have measured about 137 feet (42 meters) if completed and is estimated to weigh around 1,200 tons.  It's thought that the female pharaoh Hatshepsut commissioned the work during the 18th dynasty, more than 3,500 years ago.

After That you must Prepare yourself for a particularly overwhelming sightseeing, the Aswan High Dam is truly impressive. The Dam is 3600 meters long, 980 meters thick at base and 111 meters tall (at its highest point). The waters of Lake Nasser, the world's largest man-made lake, have amassed behind it. It provides irrigation water and electricity for the whole of Egypt. Located 13 km south of Aswan.

After That you will transfer back to the cruise ship to have the lunch and rest for a while before start Visiting the Nubian Village this cheerful  sight for being painted with bright colors, this could be the only trip that will capture your heart in all meanings. The Nubian people are so friendly and overwhelming, great hospitality will be waiting for you in one of the Nubian family houses. They have dark skin and speak a language called Nuba or Nubian. Some said they consider their language as very sacred custom of their own and refuse to teach it to any foreigner.  The Nubian houses are made of mud and often colored blue or orange. Palm trees and gardens are everywhere; they raise chickens and goats mostly in their farms. Some locals if not farming, they would live from selling handicrafts and women drawing Henna for tourists. Such a wonderful trip for adults, kids and all ages.

After that You will transfer back to the cruise ship and Having the dinner

According to your Flight Time or your next plan, our representative will transfer you to the Previously specified location from your side.

The disembarkation time will be at 09:00 A.M

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