General Tips

General Tips

1. Why you Should Visit Egypt ?

here’s so much to love about Egypt and nothing comes close to experiencing it in in person and not through a TV screen. The history, the temples, the smells, the heat, the sand, the Nile and the moment when your eyes finally gaze up at the Pyramids of Giza.
All along the Nile you can trace the Ancient Egyptians through history as you visit their impressive and carefully decorated temples and tombs.
Learning about the Ancient Egyptians, how they lived, their beliefs, inventions, and actually seeing their creations is something that will stay with you forever.                      Egypt is simply a marvel that should be experienced by everyone.

2.Is Egypt Safe for Travel ?

Yes! It’s much safer than the media may lead you to believe. Which is probably why you’re here reading about this Egypt travel tips guide

3. 11 Useful Words in Arabic will Help you during Your Stay 

1. Hello – salam / marhaban / ahlan
2. Peace be with you  – As-salāmu alaykum
3. Thank you – shukran
4. Please – min fadlak (if you request from a male), min fadlik (if you request from a female)
5.You’re welcome – Afwan
6.Yes – aywa
7.No – lā
8.Ok – Mashi
9.I would like… – momkin
10. I want – Enna iza (if you’re a female) or Enna ayez (if you’re a male)
11.I don’t understand – ana mish fahem

4. what is the Best Time to Visit Egypt 

The best time to visit Egypt is in Spring. The weather is pleasant and the major attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza, Aswan, and Luxor are still fairly quiet.
You’ll also benefit from cheaper hotel prices, especially if travelling either side of the high season which is December to February.

5. Egypt Currency 

The unit of currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian pound, written £E or LE. The Egyptian pound is divided into piasters (pt).

6. What to Wear in Egypt? 

As a general rule, wear loose-fitting clothes that are made of breathable material.
Ladies, Egypt is one of the more liberal Islamic countries, Female tourists aren’t obligated to wear Hijab or Abaya you can wear what you want.

7. Kind of Shoes you Must Bring with you 

I recommend wearing Comfortable Shoes and closed toe shoes.
You're going to be doing a lot of walking in some archaeological areas which have a lot of small rocks so it is better to wear a comfort shoes 

8. Egypt Entry Visa 

For most travelers, the visa will cost you $25 (single entry, valid for 30 days) Only American Dollars or Egyptian Pounds are accepted. In addition to your visa, ensure your passport is valid six months beyond your planned date of entry.
Some Countries might need a pre-visa.

9. Visiting Mosques for Females 

Dressing modestly is a must when visiting mosques. Some places may ask women to cover their hair and will provide you with a headscarf. Before entering you will be required to remove your shoes and leave them with a shoe custodian.